Our Crowdfunder: Forever Write Your Name in Savora History

Updated: a day ago

After a year in the making, we are excited to announce we will be launching to market in mid April 2021! But before we do, we wanted to create a Crowdfunder to ensure we have the vital funds behind us to create the ultimate "Summer Sipping" campaign.

Investing in our Crowdfunder means you will be one the first to experience Savora, help us set up for summer and forever write your name in Savora history. In the coming months we are looking to sell to local shops, bars and restaurants to help them get back on their feet after a torrid year. We want to be able to promote and advertise not just our product, but the venues we are stocking in, to celebrate the diverse range of wonderful small businesses! Not only this, but we want to begin attending notable events as they re-open such as the annual Tequila fest. Having the funding behind us means we can spread the Savora story far and wide.

Not only will you be one of the first to support Savora with your pledge, there are a range of excellent rewards available including:

- The first mixer in our range, Zesty Lime & Sweet Agave. We have combined the crisp citrus notes of lime with sweet subtle undertones of agave to create an unrivalled flavour profile, perfectly balanced for pairing with Tequila.